Trusts for Asset Protection

One good reason to hold your investments in a trust is to protect them from creditors in the event of bankruptcy. Oh, of course, you'll never be bankrupt will you? Let me ask you something.

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Trusts for Estate Planning

I meet so many people who have a family trust (often three depending on who they bought from) gathering dust in a file somewhere. Often the trusts were bought after attending a seminar on the subject, but because there was no follow through they never got to put the trust(s) to the use for which it was intended.

So let's explore one good reason for forming a trust during your lifetime (it's called an inter vivos trust meaning "during life").

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The other beneficiaries

Who should be the beneficiaries of your family trust?

Lot's of clients say that the trust is for their children as beneficiaries, but that is fundamentally unsound.

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