Accolades - What our clients say about us

21 November 2018

         Thanks again for your help.

          Mary-Ann Thomson - Accountant - Private Protocol (Pty) Ltd

20 November 2018

         Hi Derek, It was a mindblowing meeting, we need to do this again most definitely.

          Jerry Ngobese - entrepreneur

19 November 2018

         Hi Derek, That's perfect. Thank you so much.

          Naeem Mohamed - CEO - Redwood Academy

15 November 2018

         Thank you Derek, I did enjoy our meeting and found it valuable. I have a feeling we will met again.

          Tamzi Lovell - CEO - Talking Sense Consulting (Pty) Ltd

28 October 2018

         .... the deal finally came through. Your work is what impressed them the most .... (This relates to a business plan that we prepared)

          Wandile Sidaki - CEO - Sidaki Trading (Pty) Ltd

23 October 2018

         Thank you very much for the consultation with you the other day.

          Reason Mkhatshwa - businessman and property investor                                                                                                                                                                                     

17 October 2018

         I've searched your blog with various articles, especially on trusts and wills. I found them to be very informative.

          Hercules Slabbert

 16 October 2018

         Thank you so much for this. It is greatly appreciated.

          Leon Wolmarans - Improvement and Performance Manager, Eriksson South Africa 

 17 September 2018

         Wow that looks really great Derek. (This refers to a business plan that we prepared)

          Naeem Einstein - CEO - Redwood Academy 

 7 September 2018

         Thanks for the meeting yesterday and the advice you gave. It was a very enlightening meeting.

          Mbali Chaane

25 July 2018

         I loved the article on why your home purchase was not a good investment.

          Tava Madzinga

13 July 2018

         Hi Derek, thank you so much - appreciate it greatly!

          Robert Reich - CEO - Low Carb Factory (Pty) Ltd

11 June 2018

          Thanks Derek. I owe you one.

          Andrew Bizzell - CEO - BEESA Business Services (Pty) Ltd 

30 May 2018

          Thank you so much! That is fantastic news!

          Shari Joseph - CEO - The Eduvation Network (Pty) Ltd

23 May 2018

          Hi Derek, Good article! (DPS - refers to What is mathematics?)

          Jan Heijnen - CEO - Green Cubed (Pty) Ltd

8 May 2018

          I really appreciate your help!

          Shari Joseph - CEO - The Eduvation Network (Pty) Ltd

15 February 2018

         Thank you for your prompt working – the work so far looks really good, relevant, and professional indeed.

          This relates to a business plan that we are preparing

        Wandile Sidaki - CEO - Sidaki Trading (Pty) Ltd

23 November 2017

Good afternoon Derek, Mini's service is awesome. I think she must be one of the most patient people I have come across. Definitely an asset to your company.

        Faith Nel - Bvelaphanda Fabrications

22 November 2017

Hi Derek, Absolutely fantastic experience to meet with your good self.

        David Coetzee - Investment Director - Premier Gold Group

20 November 2017

Hi Derek, It was great meeting you on Friday and indeed a very informative session. You have a customer for life.

        Charmaine Botha - Director - Follow My Dream NPC

5 October 2017

Wow Tumi - You are a ¬!  Thank you for the speedy reply.

        Sonia Dawson - Director - Tulloch Holdings (Pty) Ltd

2 October 2017

Thank you Tumi. You are AWESOME!

        Charmain - Accounts - Executive Desk (Pty) Ltd

23 September 2017

Many thanks for your kind and prompt reply...much appreciated.

        Arjan van Zalk - CEO - ESDX (Pty) Ltd

22 September 2017

Your advice and expertise is highly appreciated. I am so grateful that I have moved to you. I have peace of mind now!!

        Ben Schoeman - CEO - M&M Expo and Stage Worx

15 September 2017

Thank you - As always very informative!

        Mark Emanuel - CEO - Mark's Plant Hire and Sales

12 September 2017

This is very useful to me. Thank you so much.

        Sibusiso Mdamba - CEO - Meeki Investments

11 September 2017

Much appreciated. Thank you.

        Brank Doolan - Tritan Survey

8 September 2017

My sincere appreciation for your assistance in this matter.

        Ben Schoeman - CEO - M&M Expo and Stage Worx

1 September 2017

Dear Derek, Thank you again for your extremely valuable time.

        Philippe Decoop - CEO - The Answer is Yes (Pty) Ltd

1 September 2017

Good morning Derek,

I am very impressed with your website and particularly your Blog.  I've read every blog entry and I have learned so much. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

        Chris de Wit 

 25 August 2017

Morning Derek, Many thanks for the AFS for both companies - really very happy with this.

        Earle Petersen - CEO - Velaphanda Trading and Projects 

8 August 2017

Hi Mini, Thank you very much for the great effort.

        Yusuf Matumula - Director - Global World Trade Partners

24 May 2017

Thanks Derek, This is incredibly helpful.

        Kris Szymczak - Director - Logiman Process Plant

13 April 2017

Wow, thanks a lot for all the info! Much appreciated!

        Steven de Beer - IP Specialist - IPDynamics

12 April 2017

Hi Derek, Thank you for your prompt response. I will surely make use of your services.

        Marlin Adelson - CEO - Bavaria Special Unit

27 March 2017

Hi Derek, I would like to formally thank you for the meeting this morning and for accepting my request for you to be my mentor , a relationship that I assure you is much need by myself and one that I will never take lightly.

        James Mazhandu - CEO - Colorbash Print

16 March 2017

Thanks Derek! I know I can always count on delivery of your usual quality service!

        Bashir Patty - Chief Development Officer - Project and Business Development Centre, Ghana

9 March 2017

Good afternoon Derek
Quite by chance I came across an article you had written about trust asset protection in which you wrote a bit about your personal pathway. It definitely touched a chord with me. 
I just wanted to say thank you for the article and the honesty therein. The feelings you talk about I am going through - loss of job and belittlement etc. But you have given a glimmer of hope.
All the best and please do take care

I have withheld the name for obvious reasons

20 January 2017

Many thanks for all your help. I am sure there will be more opportunities in the future.

Brian Jennings - Attorney - Garlicke & Bousfield Inc

21 and 22 December 2016

Well done on getting this all done.

Spot on ; thanks for all your help . I am sure that I will have need for shelf companies in the future so  I know who to call!

Brian Jennings - Attorney - Garlicke & Bousfield Inc

8 December 2016

Hi Derek. Thank you. That sounds excellent.

Dr Ian Lewis - Psychiatrist, Groote Schuur

8 December 2016

Thank you very much Derek. Most useful!

Philippe Decoup

25 November 2016

Thank you for your quick response in this matter.

Charmayne Budd - Management Assistant - KAEFER Energy Products (Pty) Ltd

14 November 2016

We are equally delighted to be your valued clients and we can only hope for a long healthy relationship going into the future both professionally and personally.

Clive Dichabe - Director - Infinite Zenith (Pty) Ltd

7 November 2016

Wonderful to chat with you this morning. Thank you for the clear and helpful advice.

Dr Ian Lewis - Psychiatrist, Groote Schuur

7 November 2016

Thanks so much Derek ........I have so enjoyed your mentoring and have gained so much knowledge from you.

Doug Reekie - AKA Signage (Pty) Ltd

30 October 2016

Thank you Derek, for your input. It is highly appreciated.

        Emmanuel Nkosinathi - Maxibee (Pty) Ltd

30 October 2016

Thanks Derek. Very interesting articles. I read them all. (comment on this month's blog).

        Farouk Patel (Dubai)

17 September 2016

Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting someone who clearly enjoys what they are doing as much as you do.

        Corlie Hazell

31 July 2016

Thank you so much for all your assistance with the requirements that we needed to obtain.

        Sonia Dawson - Tulloch Holdings (Pty) Ltd

25 June 2016

Thank you for all your assistance in this matter, again I cannot stress my gratitude for making the final process to get our BBBEE in place so seamless.

        Cassandre Wilson - All Access Event Support Services (Pty) Ltd

6 May 2016

It was pleasure meeting you. We are thankful to you for sparing time for us at short notice

        MD Valecha - Group Managing Director - GEEPEE Industries Ltd, Nigeria

17 March 2016

Wonderful!! Thank you very much for the insight.

        Bashir A. Patty - Project & Business Development Centre, Ghana

16 March 2016

I am a semi regular customer at Harbour and associates (2nd company purchased). Just thought it was important to mention that I mailed Minentle Shwabane and asked for docs of a company I purchased a few years back and in the midst of what I am sure is a very busy day she promptly and efficiently got it and mailed it to me .

This is not the first time I have experienced this level of customer care from her especially when I am testy and impatient she is the picture of calm  and a real asset to your business feel free to put this on your website as a testimonial if you wish .

A very satisfied customer

         Arthur Olsen - Medical Supplies South Africa

9 March 2016

Thank you for your incredible kindness. It is greatly appreciated.

        Ronel Kolby

2 February 2016

Very impressive webpage. I learnt a great deal from you following our earlier phone discussion from Dubai

        Farouk Patel

28 January 2016

Thanks a million for the great service

        JP Louw

14 January 2016

Thanks so much for the comprehensive service and prompt reply! Pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. (referring to our on-line shopping)

        Jack de Klerk - Silent Gold (Pty) Ltd

16 December 2015

Definitely a thought provoking session to which I look forward to in February again. 

Thank you for the most effecient service ever.

Grant Bosch - Star Choice Machine Moving

16 December 2015

Thanks for your help. It was great to meet you and Jan and I both look forward to working with you going forward.

Stuart Milligan - iEnter

17 November 2015

Thank you for dealing with this so efficiently, much appreciated.

Brank Doolan - Tritan Survey

12 November 2015

You are kind and efficient. Thanks a mil 

Gerhard Jacobs - Acorn Private Equity Holdings (Pty) Ltd


9 October 2015

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have already given me in this process to financial freedom! 

Savannah Steinberg - Star Leadership

26 June 2015

That was so quick. Thank you for the great service.
Bernadine In't Veld

13 June 2015

Thank you for the Master Class on Friday. We really appreciate it !!
Betty - Ngoato Attorneys

22 May 2015

A BIG THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM for the speedy service
Rinesh Ramruthen - Member - Vortex Industrial Products CC

21 May 2015

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for your time today; the information gained was invaluable
Lwazi Wali - returning expatriot

1 May 2015

When I met you Derek, I told my wife that God had dried away my tears
Mthetheleli Ndimande

15 April 2015

Thank you for your advice given to me. Appreciated
Shaun Jorgensen - CEO - Travel and Explore

30 March 2015

Thank you for being the understanding kind of person. I will always be grateful and I feel blessed to know you
Karno Kleynhans - CEO - KN Kleynhans Attorneys

15 December 2014

Brilliant thank you Derek
Robin Beetge - CEO - Readsoft South Africa (Pty) Ltd

6 August 2014

Well done Derek!
Harry Willson - CEO - Adendorff Machinery Mart

17 June 2014

Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated!
Steven Sher - Medical South Africa

10 April 2014

Thank you for taking my call with regards to the "trading as" names.
Chantal Eiberg - UHY Hellmann (SA) Registered Auditors

5 April 2014

Thank you for your time and energy on Friday. I do appreciate your experience and wisdom.
Chris Bowden - CEO of Green Solutions Landscaping CC

26 March 201

This is excellent news, you have made my day. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.
Wesley Rousseau - MD of Mega Fortris South Africa (Pty) Ltd

7 March 2014

Thank you very much for your valuable advice
Elza Traver - Oxypite (Pty) Ltd

6 March 2014

Choosing Harbour and Associates is not only choosing an auditor, it is choosing a financial mentor as well as a business strategist!
Nicolas George - Two Wheels Chauffeur Services

7 February 2014

I would like to thank you for your help. The consultation we had two weeks ago has really renewed my mind.
Lorraine Shabangu - Transfomation Transition Recruitment

6 February 2014

Thank you for your support and fantastic services. Thank you for taking the extra trouble.

Aubin Billet - Alapaca Commerce (Pty) Ltd
2 February 2014
You guys have been very helpful and offered a professional service which I most appreciate.
Walter Mhende - Vital Link Freight Services
16 January 2014
I received the BEE certificate earlier - awesome service !!!

Derek, it was great chatting to you, you are a wise young man !!
David Friedman - Impact Brand Solutions

Thanks a million for the great service

Thank You Derek for your input it is highly appreciated.

Thank You  - As always very informative!

Your advice and expertise is highly appreciated, I am so grateful that I have moved to you. I have peace of mind now!!    

I search your blog/s  with various articles, especially on trusts and wills.

I found the blogs very informative

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