How to form a trust

How do I form a trust?

If it wasn't for the Master of the High Court, it would be easy. Here's how it's done (you can follow the links for more information) -

Setting up a family trust is not always easy.

This article briefly explains what to do and what to avoid when forming a family trust.

First thing is to decide on who will be the trustees. (Trustees are individuals or members of a board given control or powers of administration of property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified). It should always be you and an independent professional trustee (accountant or attorney). Independent means not related to you or the beneficiaries. You only need those two, but a third trustee would often be your spouse.

Then decide on the beneficiaries. Always you, usually your spouse and your relations within the first degree of consanguinity (parents, siblings, children) and the decendents of any beneficiary.

The next important part of setting up a trust is the trust deed. This is a contract between a donor (usually you) and the trustees. There are very few specialists in this country who can write a good trust deed (I only know three, myselfJulian Ware and Costa Divaris). I see a lot of copy and paste rubbish and that can only be bad news further down the line.

Then you fill in and sign a few forms, pay a fee of R250 and submit the whole lot to one of the Master's offices. If you're lucky, about six weeks later, you'll receive your Letters of Authority by Registered Post. If you're unlucky, you'll get a rejection letter and have to start all over.

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