Trust Formation & Wealth Management

Trust Formation & Wealth Management

So you have assets that you want to protect...


We can assist you in starting and managing trusts, helping you to plan your estate and manage your assets. Contact us today >>

Starting a Trust

Trusts are one of the most important tools in estate planning and asset protection. Anyone who accumulates wealth should consider forming a trust as early in their financial career as possible.

Family Trusts

Why start a Family Trust?

There are two principle reasons for setting up a family trust:
You should form a trust for:
  1. Estate Planning
    A trust is a valuable estate planning tool as when you die the trust does not die. This means that there is no Estate Duty payable on the trust assets and no CGT. These together would have wiped out about 1/3rd of your investments.
  2. Protection of Assets
    The assets of a well formed and administered trust cannot be attacked by creditors in the event of your bankruptcy.
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Why choose Harbour & Associates for a Family Trust?

Harbour & Associates is an expert in the field of trusts, their formation, their management and their tax implications.
As a part of our family trust service, we will:
  • Draw up a trust deed for you
  • Have it registered at the office of the Master of the High Court and thereafter act as one of the Trustees ensuring that all of the necessary steps are taken to minimise the trust's risk and taxes.

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Shelf Trusts

Need a trust in a hurry?

Harbour & Associates carries stock of inter vivos, discretionary trusts. As nobody is allowed to act on behalf of a trust yet to be formed, it is often a great advantage to be able to purchase an existing trust with its trust number available immediately especially if you are about to purchase an investment property.

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What will starting a trust cost?

There is one fixed price which covers the formation of the trust or, with a shelf trust, necessary changes including change of trustees, beneficiaries and any other conditions of the Trust Deed.

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