IRBA pulls out of B-BBEE

I pulled out of B-BBEE auditing over a year ago because I couldn't work with the rubbish manner in which the new codes have been drafted. Well, now the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors has also pulled out.

In a sudden announcement on 4 August, the IRBA advised that they have withdrawn as the designated sole regulatory body for B-BBEE auditors and verification agents. Not surprising at all - it just took them more than a year longer than me, but then they would have had to jump through quite a lot of hoops to come to the final decision.

So now we're back with SANAS who were on their way out. I doubt that they are too pleased as they are internationally recognised as a regulatory body for accreditation of such bodies as the SABS and the medical laboratories that do our blood tests. B-BBEE was always a thorn in their side under the old codes and will be a blinder under the new codes.

None of this affects us because the DTI in their wisdom (under the mis-guidance of my pet idiot Rob Davies) advised that neither IRBA nor SANAS accredited auditors/verification agents are allowed to issue EME or black QSE certificates, stating specifically that they will be invalid. As a result of this, we have, for the past year been issuing an affidavit (which is what the DTI deem to be a MUST not an option in terms of the new codes). I am a Commissioner of Oaths and I sign the affidavit after it is signed by the client. In doing so I also certify (as a Commissioner of Oaths) that the client meets the requirements necessary to achieve the Level awarded. Thus we produce a certificate which complies with the DTI ruling and which has been universally accepted.


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