Who is Black for BEE?

Who is Black for BEE?

Twenty four years down the track and you still have to know whether you're black or not! And looking in the mirror won't help. How utterly ridiculous. 

Yup. That's the price we pay for BEE. I figured I would give you the information that you need to determine whether you are black or not black as defined by the B-BBEE Codes.

Firstly, you need to be black, Indian, Chinese (but not descended from Taiwanese parents, Heaven forbid!), or coloured. I suppose you can figure that out thanks to the legacy of apartheid, which the current government still relies on.

Next, you have to determine whether you were a South African citizen in 1993 (when the draft constitution was promulgated). If you were, you're black as defined.

If not, then were you entitled to be a South African citizen at that time, but prevented as a result of apartheid (for example, you were in exile)?. If so, you're black as defined.

If still not, were you born in South Africa after 1993? If you were, you're black as defined.

If you don't pass the above tests, then whatever your reflection looks like in the mirror, you ain't black. Sorry!

And, oh dear me. The DTI, who are responsible for all this garbage, are too embarassed to use the word "Black" on the application forms for NEF loans, you are now required to state whether you are "BEE". Really?

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