Flip charts, mind maps and crazy ideas

I know I've said it all before, but it's worth saying again -

Don't ever accept where you're at as being the best you can do, always, always strive for change, improvement, excitement damnit!

Don't just think out of the box. When you think out of one box, you just end up in another, bigger, box. That's OK so long as you know that's the case. So long as you don't think you're actually outside the box!

Now, how do we do this? How do we get ourselves thinking and then achieving the impossible? By dreaming it, that's how. I've talked about dreaming dreams. The other day I set up a flip chart in my office and sat Tina, my partner, in front of it and we dreamed dreams. Crazy, off the wall, impossible dreams. And you know what? We learned about each other, what we aspired to, what was important in our lives. And gradually a picture started to form, a new vision, an impossible dream that started to look possible after all.

If you follow my posts, you'll see it happening. Not now, not this year, but happen it will. Probably not in the form that we dreamed it, perhaps nothing like the dream. But what did we achieve? We really closely examined where we were at and where we would like to be and inevitably our subconscious minds took ownership and change will happen.


Dream the dream!

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