Beware the unqualified bookkeeper

Every company needs a bookkeeper and a Tax Practioner (to file its tax returns). There are lots of them out there and most of them haven't a clue what they are doing.

The problem is the cost of entry into this game is practically zero. All you need is a computer and some software and away you go. You work from home between feeding the baby and doing the shopping and you've got no overheads.

But what are you, the client, getting for your money. You may be paying as little as R200 an hour. Great  price for quality, expensive for garbage. Don't ever forget that it is you who is responsible for the end result, not the person who produced it.

As Chartered Accountants, we spend a lot of time (and clients' money) fixing the rubbish that under qualified, inexperienced contract bookkeepers produce. So rather pay the price (usually R350 to R400 per hour) to a fully qualified firm with a CA(SA) at the head and get it right first time. If the CA(SA) mucks it up, you can report them to their Board and, believe me, they are in big trouble.


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