Why are we giving away FREE shelf companies and FREE company registrations?

Why are we giving away FREE shelf companies and FREE company registrations?

Sounds crazy doesn't it? But I had a crazy idea!

Why don't we give away what we sell and sell what we give away?

You see, until now, when we sold a shelf company or a new company registration, we gave away a free Tax Clearance certificatee, B-BBEE affidavit/certificate and 6 months free bookkeeping. These are nice things to give away and made buying a company from us more attractive than buying from the competition, but I figured a free company is much more eye catching, so from 2019, we're switching it around. The end result is the same, but the deal looks completely different.

The message is "When it comes to marketing, don't rest on your laurels and don't expect your marketing company to do all the creative thinking for you." There will never be anyone who cares about your business more than you do and it is your energy and creativitity that will make the difference between success and failure.

And whilst on the subject of marketing. My wife and I use Dentyl Active mouthwash. About every four months, they offer two for the price of one. It is so predictable that we never by in ones, we stock up when the offer is on with enough to last us until the next one. At first, I figured they must be crazy, after all you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to always be buying their product at half price. Then I got it. Their true selling price is actually the price that we pay during the "special offers". Any product sold for double their true price is a bonus. Clever eh?

I also learned recently that Woolies prices vary from store to store depending upon the demographics of the store's customers. Not only that, they often increase a price before offering a buy three, pay for two type of special. After all, how many of us actually remember the "normal" price of a particular item?

How Do I Get My FREE Shelf Company?

As leaders in our industry, that has been in operation since 1971, we are able to provide professional services such as Bookkeeping Services and BEE a& Tax Clearance Certificates at amazingly low prices. All you need to do is to sign up for any of the below services (which you will need in any case when you start your own business) and we will register your company FREE OF CHARGE! That's right - a ready-to-trade company at no cost!

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