Should I buy a shelf company or register a new company?

It now only takes about a week or so to form a new company, so why buy one off the shelf?

The main reason for buying a shelf company is its age. We have them aged as old as 2010 and never having traded.

You may want an old registration number to give the impression that you've been in the business a long time, or you may want to back-date some kind of transaction, such as the company's ownership by a trust and that clearly can't happen before the company and trust were both registered. That's why we also sell older shelf trusts, although only going back to 2016.

Clients also buy shelf companies because of their particular attributes, such as having already been registered as VAT vendors, or having an Import Export licence, or, perhaps, being tender ready with WCC good standing, BEE affidavit and Tax Clearance.

And then, of course, there are those instances when you need a company NOW, possibly to get onto a vendor list or the like. And some people just don't want to wait, they want it done and dusted today.

If none of these apply, you may as well have us register a new company. It doesn't cost any more and at least you get the name that you want.


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