Cotton reels

My lovely wife, Helen, is passionate about sewing. This means that just about all the available storage space in the house is taken up by fabric and with the fabric comes thread (at least four reels of each colour).

Reels are not an easy thing to store so they have ended up rattling around in drawers, so here's what I did -

                                                                                                                                        20140619 163952 200 x 267

That's storage for about 3 000 reels!  Now that meant that I had to drill about 3 000 blind holes properly spaced and of equal depth and I also had to cut 3 000 dowels, all exactly the same length. Here's how I cut the dowels -

                                                                                                                                       2014-05-03 10.10.26 200 x 267

I used another board to drill a template as a guide for the blind holes.

Phew! Quite an undertaking, but as Helen only has about 700 reels at this stage, the cabinet should be big enough for another few years. I haven't fitted dowels to all of the drawers so she'll be using those as another fabric store in the meantime.


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