The best school ever in Midrand - Gallagher Combined School

The best school ever in Midrand

Why is Gallagher Combined School such a great school?

Like Harbour and Associates, Gallagher School, of which I am co-owner, is driven by passion, love and innovation.

We are passionate about giving the absolute best service to the clients of our practice and the learners at our school.

In the practice we love working together and we love helping our clients. In the school we love our learners and they love us.

In the practice, we are constantly re-inventing ourselves, never resting on our laurels, always looking for better ways to serve our clients. In the school, we refuse to be like the competition. We employ the best teachers, our classes vary from small to tiny. Sport, at Midrand Action Sports, is compulsory and free. We are the only school in Midrand that teaches the Japanese abacus, and it is compulsory and free for all grades starting at grade R.

What you love about Harbour and Associates, you'll love about Gallagher Combined School. So help us follow our dream of affordable excellence. Tell your friends about the school.


South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. Designation CA(SA)  Internationally Accredited Financial MediatorsIndependent Regulatory Board for Auditors. Designation RA<Engineering Council of South Africa. Designation Pr(Eng) Member of MENSA, the High IQ Society




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Address: 1st floor, Gallagher School Building, 537 Lupton Drive, Midrand, Gauteng