We match up The Gautrain vs Uber

Gautrain vs Uber

We recently spent a week in Cape Town. The question was how to get from our apartment in Rosebank to O.R Tambo International.

I was excited to see that the Gautrain bus passed right in front of our apartment. Wow! Life had suddenly become so much easier.

So, a few days before our departure I set about planning how we would get to O.R Tambo International Airport by Gautrain.

It ended up like this:

  1. Gautrain bus from our door to Rosebank Gautrain station
  2. Wait for Gautrain to Sandton
  3. Disembark at Sandton and
  4. Again wait for Gautrain to ORT
  5. All the time carting around about 35kg of luggage

I then decided to out to test another popular public transport provider, Uber.

This was the end result:

  1. We called Uber! Straight to the airport for a lot less cost than the other option. What a pleasure!

The moral of the story?

Always be on the lookout for better service providers in the market who keep pushing the boundaries of providing a better, more efficient service. The service provider closest to you might not always be your best option. Experience and innovation is what sets the best apart from the rest.

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