Brilliant investment advice from fund managers!

I am an avid reader of Financial Mail, but had to chuckle at their so called Special Report on funding your retirement (March 23 2017 issue).

Firstly, it comprised a total of four articles and four large advertisements. Guess who wrote the articles!

Then the advice.

Below a picture of Richard Carter - "Investors need to make informed choices" Brilliant!

Below a picture of Graham Thomas - "Client-centric offerings" Even more brilliant!

Below a picture of Karl Liebenberger - "Investors should not consider anything less than an inflationary escalation" Wow!

And below a pricture of Natalie Philips - "Packages should be adjusted according to life span trends" Mind blowing!

If you want to know which investment companies offer this profound advice you'll have to find a back issue of the magazine. I'm not telling.

But seriously, we don't give investment advice, but we do know the reality of inflation and planning to live forever. It seems that the experts don't.

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