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Some time back I wrote a post called "Why your website doesn't work". But what if it does work? Ours has performed miracles for us since we had Jain's team at Refract give it a complete new look and feel in 2014. But now we've decided to start all over again (still with Jain). Why?

Simply because we want to do more business and nothing will change unless we change something! Jain's team have cut our Adwords spend from R25 000 per month to less than R5 000 with more clicks than ever before. Our sales of shelf companies and related services have increased dramatically, but now we've hit a plateau. Time for change!

With Jain we took another look at the Website and On-line Shop and tried to see it through the eyes of someone who had clicked on a link to (a) find out more about something or (b) to buy something. Of course, we had to chuck our pride out of the window first! Yes, we have a great website and yes, we have a great shop, but do they do the best job possible? Nothing, but nothing does the best job possible - there is always room for improvement.

If you want to get the best out of your website or marketing spend, keep going back - take another look. What can I do better?

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