The ultimate profound read

Once you have read, and learned from, your long line of self development books - "Your Eroneous Zones", "Think and Grow Rich", "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "The man who sold his Ferrari" , "Follow your heart". Steiner, Yogi Ramacharaka, Andrew Mathews, Paulo Coelho, Carl Jung all excellent books and authors, you may be looking for the ultimate read.

Well here it is. "Light on the Path" . In its printed form it is only 1/4 the size A4 and 39 pages of normal print. In pdf it is only 14 pages long. But it is so profound that Yogi Ramacharaka wrote a whole book explaining it ("Some Light on the Path" available from Amazon. Every time you read it you will gain deeper insight into its meanings.

The source is unknown, but it was written down by Mabel Collins way back in 1885.

Here are some tasters -

"And before you can attain knowledge you must have passed through all places foul and clean alike. Therefore, remember that the soiled garment that you shrink from touching may have been yours yesterday, may be yours tomorrow."

"For within you is the light of the world - the only light that can be shed upon the Path. If you are unable to perceive it within you, it is useless to look elsewhere. It is beyond you, because when you reach it you have lost yourself. It is unattainable, because it for ever recedes. You will enter the light, but you will never touch the flame."

"And so deceptive is the illusion in which you live, that it is hard to guess where you will first detect the sweet voice in the hearts of others. But know that it is certainly within yourself. Look for it there and once having heard it, you will more readily recognize it around you."

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