Mind Power and Essential Tremors

I have achieved the most amazing results with Mind Power.

I have a condition called Essential Tremors (ET). This causes uncontrollable shaking. With some people it can be the head, with others the legs, often in the form of so called restless leg syndrome and in my case, shaking hands. Over the last ten years it has become progressively worse despite increasing dosage of chronic medication. Eventually it got to the point where I could not drink coffee with clients because I would have to use both hands to hold the cup and I could no longer read my own handwriting (and nor could my magic computer based pen). I went to see the neurologist who had been advising me for the past eight years and she told me that I could be a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). This is a procedure in which two very fine probes are inserted, one into each thalamus (a part of the brain), then wires are run under the skin to a pacemaker type device that is implanted in the upper chest. The pacemaker stimulates the thalami and the tremours stop.

Great. I'll do it! So off I went to Pretoria and after a couple of meetings, I was pronounced a suitable candidate by the specialist neurologist and his brain surgeon. The procedure was booked for 11 November 2016 and my medical aid approved the close on R1m cost.

The neurologist warned me that I must come off the chronic medication well before the operation, so I decided to test that straight away (this was back in August). Before I did that, however, I sat down to figure out what this whole problem was all about. I put on my engineer hat and went back to my studies of feedback loops. Let's say that you want to move your finger from A to B. You'll use your sense of position (and maybe your sight as well) to follow its progress. Once it gets to B, you'll recognise that and stop the movement. But what if the feedback is delayed? Then you won't stop the finger at B and it will move on to C. Only later will your brain receive the delayed signal and realise that your finger has gone too far. It will then reverse the movement back towards B. But again the feed back is delayed and the finger will overshoot B before reversing once again. The finger will oscillated around B. Speed this up to fractions of a second and you've got the "shakes".

Next question. Why is it that doing something to the thalami will stop this happening? Surely, then, the thalamus must be acting as a sort of gate that is kept partially closed (slowing down the signals) in order to stop sensory overload. I checked this out on Google and confirmed that this was indeed the function of the thalami.

So can I do anything to open the gate wide? I figured that I teach Mind Power and I should put my money where my mouth is. Could I really influence the operation of the thalami by means of Mind Power? I tried. Bingo! First time! Now, I have been practicing Mind Power for about 40 years, so have become pretty good at it, but even I was amazed that I got instant results. The improvement was about 90+%. I've only run re-inforcing sessions about three times since and the symptoms have not returned.

I went back to my local neurologist to make the final call on whether I should undergo the operation. She was blown away. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and advised me not to have an operation that I clearly did not need. So I've just saved the medical aid a million bucks.


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