Terms and conditions

Client Co-operation

We require that clients respond promptly to our requests for information, documents or signatures. If they do not do so within 3 months of our request, we will close the file without notice or refund, and will no longer send reminders. Under certain circumstances, we may re-open a file. However, there may be additional charges for the preparation of new documents to replace those outdated by the delay.


All consultations at our offices between our CEO, Derek Springett and our clients, attorneys' clients or attorneys on behalf of their clients are entirely free of charge and unlimited in number or duration. You can check his diary and book a time that suits you. Consultations that include third parties are, however, chargeable.

Debit Orders

Selected clients may be given a detailed quotation for the work that we would anticipate performing over the forthcoming 12 months, or to their first financial year end thereafter. The total fee is then divided by the number of months covered by the quotation and they enter into a Debit Order agreement whereby the fixed amount is debited to their bank account each month.

Any additional work that was not included in the quotation will be quoted separately on request and, if accepted, added to the debit order at the month end following acceptance.

Cash Practice

With most clients, however, we operate as a cash practice. This means that before we complete any specific task, the relevant invoice must be paid in full together with any outstanding balance on the client's account.

Payments can be made by Payfast (EFT), Sage Pay (Credit Card), direct deposit, or EFT. Our banking details are given here.

Returns and cancellations

We regret that we do not accept returns or cancellations where we have already received payment.


We do not provide refunds under any circumstances. In the event that we agree to pass a credit, it will stand to your account and can be utilised over a period not exceeding 12 months (whereafter it will be written off) by engaging any of our normal services as Chartered Accountants (SA) and Tax Practitioners or by purchasing an alternative product. See our services here.


We warrant that all shelf entities are free of liabilities and that their CIPC and tax affairs (where they are tax registered) are up to date at the time of delivery.


By purchasing from us you accept these terms and conditions.

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